This book is an amazing resource for anybody in a leadership position! Simple and easily digestible chapters make it easy to put the lessons into practice.
— Amazon review of "The Manager's Diary II:Step Up Before Your Employees Step Down"


Navigating your way to leadership success

Most leaders want the right things. They just don’t have any place, or person, to go to that can give them the simple and effective tactics which give them those things. The Roadmap contains actionable advice you can implement immediately to address 10 critical areas for any leader. Things like: Communication, Micromanagement, Dealing with failure, and seven other foundational skills for leadership.

This book acknowledges the theory, but focuses on putting principles into practice. Using an approachable and practical style built on his 20+ years of real world leadership experience, Cameron will show you:

  • The least painful way to learn from failure.(Page 131)
  • Five questions you can’t ask your employees enough times.(Page 18)
  • What your micromanagement is often addressing.(Page 105)
  • A simple technique for determining the communication method to use in any situation.(Page 76)
  • The worst motivation shortcut that almost every leader is guilty of using.(Page 193)
  • The two things required to make the most out of your diverse workforce and build better teamwork.(Page 166)
  • Five things to guard against so that you don’t undermine all of your delegation efforts.(Page 59)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 100 other real-world tactics and practices to bring out the greatness in your leadership.

You’ve got everything you need inside you to be a successful leader. You just need the roadmap to get you there.

The Manager's Diary

Thinking outside the Cubicle

Practical, entertaining, and actionable to make you a better Supervisor and Manager. That is the purpose of The Manager's Diary. After making a few too many mistakes for the second (and often third or fourth) time, and after passing off bits of wisdom more regularly to my staff, I decided to start writing down what I was learning on the job day in and day out. Eventually, as the list got longer and longer a blog of the choicest thoughts and lessons was formed. This book contains the best of the best from observations based on the real world experience of a manager. Each chapter has been reworked from its original form to include more content and an assignment at the end of each to put these principles into practice. In addition, exclusive chapters found only in this book will add to your management toolbelt.

The 7 Deadly Sins of LEadership

And how to overcome them in yourself and others

In The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership I take an in-depth look at the dangers, causes and justifications for front line leadership problems like lack of communication, poor hiring, and micromanagement. Stocked with my own real life experiences, you'll not only learn which sins you or your leader are most susceptible to through the self-assessments at the beginning of each section, you'll learn over 200 practical ways to begin dealing with them in your day to day life. By the end of this book you will have a better understanding of the nature of each of these leadership sins and how to chart a course for your personal and professional improvement. 

The Manager's Diary II

Step Up Before Your Employees Step Down

Filled with 100 practical and actionable lessons for front line leaders, The Manager's Diary II is based on Cameron's 20+ years of real world experience in management. Whether it is communication issues, project management struggles, or just managing your own tasks, this book will help you get to where you want to be in your career without the pain of learning the lessons the hard way. You won't find any academic theory or business buzzwords here, just straight talk from a person who has been there and has the scars and wisdom to prove it. Becoming a great leader isn't complicated, but it isn't easy either. It takes constant vigilance and regular study. If you want to be a better lead, supervisor, or manager, then this book will be a great step in that direction